Dead orchid, add a pinch of this ingredient to bring it back to life in a few days!

Yellowed, rotten-rooted orchid? Is there any hope that the fleshy plant itself will be resurrected? Just add a spoonful of this natural ingredient to resurrect it.

Natural, green and cheap remedies are the best for making the plant more lush and giving a touch of liveliness and brightness to the orchid that shows obvious signs of rot. Being an annual perennial plant, the orchid needs a lot of care and attention to resurrect it. Let’s find out how to boost the orchid’s immune system and how to make it lush. Here is the natural and economical tip.

Brown-rooted orchid and weakened immune system: what causes it

Orchidée malade

There are warning signs that the orchid is in a state of decline . This elegant and ornamental plant needs water, nutrients and lots of daily care. Water stagnation caused by too frequent watering causes weakening of the immune system, root rot and yellowing of the leaves . Nutrient and fertilizer deficiencies, parasites and direct sunlight can also damage the leaf structure and root system of the fleshy plant.

Orchids can undergo a process of aging and weakening of the stamens, pistils and column (or gymnostem ). Water stagnationand the proliferation of fungi, bacteria, and mealy bugs lead to apical rot, root rot, and leaf yellowing. The use of degraded substrate and direct sunlight also weakens the orchid.

Yellow orchid with rotten roots: just add a spoonful of this natural ingredient


There is an ingredient available in the kitchen that can be used to strengthen the immune system of the orchid. We are talking about sugar, which we can easily find in the pantry. Simply mix water with sugar and spray the mixture on the roots and leaves to provide the right nutrients to the fleshy plant.

The sugar provides the orchid with needed nutrients through a process called photosynthesis. This process helps plants convert the energy they absorb from sunlight into sugary substances. Water and glucose promote cell generation in the tropical plant. The sugar promotes healthy plant growth that will last a long time.

In addition, the water/glucose mixture is a natural fertilizer capable of killing pests, mosquitoes, mealy bugs, ants and aphids. Sugar provides all the extra nutrients to ensure that the orchid not only has strong roots but also beautiful, healthy and strong leaves. As an alternative to sugar, you can make vitamin B and activated charcoal powder.