Grow Amaryllis in Water with Plastic Cups

Growing amaryllis (Hippeastrum) in water with plastic cups is a fun and creative way to enjoy the beautiful blooms of this popular bulbous plant. Here are the steps to grow amaryllis in water using plastic cups:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • Amaryllis bulb
  • Plastic cups (one for each bulb)
  • Pebbles or stones
  • Water
  • A sunny location


  1. Select Your Amaryllis Bulb: Start by choosing a healthy amaryllis bulb. These bulbs are widely available at garden centers or online. Look for a bulb that is firm and free from mold or rot.
  2. Prepare the Plastic Cups: Take your plastic cups and make a small hole or slit in the bottom of each cup to allow for drainage. This hole is essential to prevent waterlogging, which can lead to root rot.
  3. Add Pebbles or Stones: Place a layer of pebbles or stones at the bottom of each plastic cup. This will provide stability for the amaryllis bulb and support it as it grows.
  4. Plant the Amaryllis Bulb: Position the amaryllis bulb on top of the pebbles or stones, ensuring that the pointed end (the top) of the bulb faces upward. The roots will grow down into the cup.
  5. Add Water: Pour water into the cup until it reaches just below the base of the bulb. Be careful not to submerge the bulb entirely in water. You want the roots to grow into the water, but the bulb itself should remain above the waterline.
  6. Place in a Sunny Location: Put the plastic cups with the amaryllis bulbs in a sunny location where they will receive bright, indirect sunlight. A south or west-facing window is ideal. Amaryllis requires ample light to grow and produce blooms.
  7. Monitor and Maintain: Keep an eye on the water level in the cups and add more as needed to maintain the same level. You should also change the water every couple of weeks to prevent stagnation and the growth of algae.
  8. Watch it Grow: Over time, you will see the amaryllis bulbs send out roots into the water. Soon after, a flower stalk will emerge from the center of the bulb, producing beautiful blooms.
  9. Support the Flower Stalk: As the flower stalk grows taller, you may need to provide support to prevent it from toppling over. Use stakes or other supports to keep the stalk upright.
  10. Enjoy the Blooms: In a few weeks, your amaryllis should reward you with stunning, colorful blooms. Enjoy their beauty and fragrance!

Growing amaryllis in water with plastic cups is a unique and engaging way to observe the growth and flowering of this plant. It’s a great project for kids and a fantastic way to bring some natural beauty indoors during the winter months.