How to effectively eliminate bathroom odors in a single step

Natural remedies to eliminate bathroom sewer odor

For unclogging sewers and cleaning drains, it is possible to use natural and environmentally friendly methods, in order to effectively eliminate any bad smell.

Very often, it happens to work hard in the cleaning of the house, especially the bathroom and sanitary facilities, without getting the desired results.

In fact, even the most beautiful apartments can have some points against them, small defects that can be quite annoying.

One of them is represented by the bad smell of the shower gutter, which comes directly from the sewers and spills into the bathroom, for example. These small inconveniences can occur, especially in homes that do not use the public sewer system, but use the so-called septic tank or sump .

In these cases, periodic inspections of the sewers are not always performed, so you have to do it yourself. However, to find a solution, you do not need to use miracle concoctions or chemicals that are harmful to health, but you can use natural and environmentally friendly effective methods .

Eliminate the smell of sewage from the bathroom sink is important not only for the hygiene of the house, but also for the health of his family, especially children and the elderly.


How to get rid of bathroom sewage smell


Bad odors can also occur in bathrooms that are not used very often or when the drains are not unclogged enough.

In these cases, water in the drains can become stagnant, spreading a bad odor throughout the room or house when it evaporates.

The decisive intervention must be done directly at the root, dealing with the cleaning of drainage channels . There are mainly two useful products to solve the problem naturally: white kitchen vinegar and baking soda.

Simply unscrew the screw on the lid of the bathroom sump, commonly known as a siphon, to pour about 300 grams of baking soda inside . After that, it is important to mix the water, using a screwdriver or any other tool, so that the water becomes almost white.

You need to let it run and wait for about 30 minutes , trying not to open the water from the taps or draw water from the toilet. Once the necessary time has elapsed, you need to finish the operation by adding a glass of white vinegar . The latter in contact with the bicarbonate produces an intense foam, the result of a natural chemical reaction between the two elements. In this way, the strong sewage odor coming from the shower drain or bathroom sink will tend to decrease, until it disappears completely. An effective solution is also to pour boiling water directly into the bathroom drain and all other bathroom fixtures that emit the same bad odor.

Eliminating bad odors with lemon juice


Eliminating bad odors from the bathroom is something to do whenever you want, however it is advisable to do it at least once a month .

This is a method that not only solves the problem, but also prevents future returns. An alternative to vinegar is lemon , whose acidic juice purifies the pipes , degreases surfaces and spreads a pleasant citrus smell in the bathroom.

In addition, vinegar and lemon are both anti-mildew and natural disinfectants, which also eliminate bacteria and microorganisms harmful to health.

Vinegar, lemon and baking soda, if used together, can also be an environmental alternative for cleaning bathroom fixtures, which need to be cleaned effectively after eliminating bad odors. However, it may happen that the sewage smell persists. In these cases it is advisable to ensure the sewer unclogging , a smart choice that consists of disassembling the trap of the sink and bidet, in order to find out about any blockages that can generate a bad smell.

Clogged drains can therefore be another possible cause of bad odors in the shower and bathroom, as soap and hair residues can settle and prevent the water from flowing normally.

Obviously these operations are decisive if you leave out the DIY and turn to professionals. Request a free quote now!

The importance of using green remedies for bad odors

Many people prefer to use green methods to unclog the drains, solving once and for all the presence of sewer odor in the bathroom when it rains with products that everyone can easily find, which you usually have at home but for other purposes.

Natural methods are not only an ideal environmentally friendly and health-conserving solution, but it’s also a lower-cost choice. If the problem does not seem to be solved, it is possible to buy microorganisms against bad odors, which can be found packaged in small water-soluble sachets, which should be inserted into the drain of your toilet. The sachets, which are totally natural and ecological, dissolve on contact with water and completely eliminate bad odors.

These products are often used by businesses such as restaurants and hotels. Finally, it is important to perform some periodic checks, such as ensuring the condition of the bathroom sump seals, which, if worn or improperly installed, can cause bad odors to leak out.