How To Make Homemade Banana Peel Fertilizer for Your Garden

The gardening community is abuzz with a revolutionary and cost-effective fertilizer method. Sandi Ezell Blackmer has unexpectedly shot to fame in the Creative Gardening circle, thanks to her resourceful and inexpensive fertilizer hack.
In a recent revelation, Sandi showcased her prolific basil and herb garden, attributing their lushness to a special blend of fertilizer – an ingenious concoction of banana peel water.
To replicate this do-it-yourself fertilizer, all you need are two banana peels and a gallon of water. Immerse the peels in the water and let them soak overnight. The next day, use this infused water to nourish your plants. This banana peel water is teeming with potassium, amongst other essential nutrients. It’s a perfect organic supplement for a wide range of plants, including veggies, flowers, and herbs.
Conveniently, this homemade fertilizer doesn’t require refrigeration. You can keep a jug handy, refilling with water as the levels deplete. Furthermore, you can continue to add fresh banana peels as and when you consume the fruit.
As you continue this cycle, the initially added peels will turn brown, at which point you can discard them, replacing with fresh peels. This is an ongoing, sustainable process resulting in a continuous supply of nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. Whether you’re growing veggies, herbs, flowers, or tomatoes, this fertilizer is bound to show splendid results.
Sandi effuses about the effectiveness of this fertilizer, noting, “My spearmint plant is as big as they come, my dill is waist-high. I have a profusion of green cherry tomatoes and a beautiful collection of green peppers.”
Evidently, this homemade banana peel fertilizer not only provides a solution for organic gardening but also promotes waste utilization. It’s the perfect hack for homemaking enthusiasts!