Potatoes with Meatballs And Cheese

* Ingredients : 
+On the work plan:
+For meat:
°1 shallot
°25 g parsley
°500 g ground meat
°1 egg
°100 g Parmesan cheese
°1 slice of bread
°150 g diced cheese
+For potatoes:
°1 kg potatoes
°4 slices bacon
 method : 
 1) Cut the parsley and shallot into small pieces and mix them with the minced meat, egg, parmesan and crumbled bread. Seasoning mixture with salt & pepper.
2) Squeeze some of the ground meat into the palm of your hand and place a cheese cube in the middle.
3) Wrap the cheese cube completely with the ground meat and form a meatball.
4) Peel the potatoes and boil them in salted water. Meanwhile, fry the bacon on both sides in the pan and cut into small pieces. Mash the potatoes and mix them with the bacon.
5) Squeeze some of the potato mixture into the palm of your hand and place a meatball in the middle.
6) Completely cover the meatball with the potato mixture and roll into a ball.
7) Now roll the potato ball stuffed in the flour, in the beaten egg and roll it in the panko breadcrumbs.
8) Finally, fry the ball until golden brown.
Enjoy !