Vintage paper dolls

when we were kids, have you ever play the paper dolls? I love the different kinds of their blouses,hats,wigs,shirts and even handbags. So colorful and a lot of fun to play with it. They some kind of Barbie doll but in paper. Sometimes we can play with our own theme such as, nurse and doctor,chefs,teachers,hotelier,bakery,F1 racer, beautician,saloon…etc etc….

we(my sisters and I) even kept it in a suitcase as their bedroom or living room. So much fun, we even can play from morning till night time, go to our friend’s house,play till late evening and came home after dinner play it again..(dunno why we can play so long hours one)….mostly our paper dolls printed from Japan.. i hope somehow,this child memory game can reborn to the new generation.. rather then they go playing hour by hour of ps or psp,right?

Ready for the bunch of paper dolls pictures?