Ant Traps: How to Get Rid of Them Permanently Without Pesticides

Ants, in their various colors, sizes, and winged or wingless forms, are a common household nuisance. Despite their essential role in nature, they tend to invade our homes, making them unwelcome guests. Fortunately, there are measures you can take to deter ants from entering your home, such as maintaining regular cleaning habits, sealing food containers tightly, and promptly fixing any leaky drains or faucets.

However, if ants have already infiltrated your living space, instead of resorting to pesticides or other chemicals, you can create a simple trap to eliminate them for good. Here’s how to make an effective ant trap:

You will need:

  1. A half-liter plastic bottle
  2. Rice
  3. A blender
  4. Orange and lemon peels
  5. Gloves

DIY Ant Traps to Keep Your Home Bug-Free This Summer


  1. Begin by filling the plastic bottle with a mixture of soap and water. Afterward, let it dry thoroughly before proceeding.
  2. Once the bottle is dry, fill it completely with rice.
  3. Place the bottle upside down in an area near the ant nest. To secure the bottle in place, you can use stones or other stable objects.

The starch in the rice has a drying effect on the ant nest, making it less hospitable for them. To enhance the trap’s effectiveness, consider grinding the peels of either a lemon or an orange. Both citrus peels contain compounds that have a toxic effect on ants.