DIY candle keeps flies away and smells great too – it costs less than $1 to make

A LOVER of natural remedies has revealed her DIY candle that keeps flies away.

Aside from smelling super fresh, this bug repellent also cost her less than $1 to make.She described it as her “Anti-fly scent candle,” and it was so easy to assemble. It required just four common cupboard items, and she said it would keep pesky flies at bay.

The idea came from Ariba on TikTok, and she is no stranger to tips that use nature’s abundance.

“Multi-cultural recipes that will make your foody mood good,” she said. Her TikTok has proven to be enormously popular as she dispensed tips and hacks. This was anything from recipes to cure sweaty feet and palms, to remedies for varicose veins. At the last count, she had over 826,000 followers and another 6.3million likes.

In this post, she approached a chemical-free fly deterrent. First, she sliced a lemon in half and proceeded to press a handful of cloves into the center. Then she inserted four cocktails around the circumference of the cut lemon, creating a nest for the candle. Then the other half of the lemon was pressed onto the cocktail sticks on top, completing the job.

Her fly-repellent post has had a lot of interest with over 32,000 likes. Commenters were certainly impressed with the novel idea.

“Wow, new technique,” said this viewer.

“Smart idea,” was the reaction of another.

There was gratitude in the closing remark: “Thanks for sharing,” they said.