Here’s how to make a trap for flies and mosquitoes at home: it only takes a few minutes

There are various methods to create effective traps for mosquitoes and flies, and the ones detailed below stand out as highly efficient.

With the advent of spring and the approach of summer, the population of bothersome insects, such as mosquitoes and flies, rises significantly, causing annoyance, especially on humid summer nights. For those seeking alternatives to traditional insecticides found in stores, which can be harmful to the environment and human health due to pollutants, crafting traps from everyday household items and organic substances is a simple solution. Here are a few examples to inspire creativity:

1. Plastic Bottle Trap:

  • Materials needed: plastic bottle, tape, saucepan, water, and sugar.
  • Cut the bottle just below the neck to create two parts, placing one inside the other to form a funnel shape.
  • Secure the parts with tape.
  • Dissolve 5 tablespoons of sugar in water, bring it to a boil, and let it cool before pouring it into the bottle.
  • Leave the trap in the sun or warm it with your hands for optimal effectiveness.
  • Optionally, add a slice of apple to the bottle for a different attractant.

2. Glass Jar and Beer:

  • Materials needed: large glass jar, beer, sugar, scrap paper, and tape.
  • Pour beer into the jar, add a teaspoon of sugar, and create a cone using scrap paper and tape, placing it at the mouth of the jar.
  • Ensure the funnel is not immersed in beer.
  • Keep the trap near a fruit bowl, windowsill, or outdoor dining area.

3. Outdoor Fly Trap:

  • Materials needed: empty plastic bottle (milk or detergent bottle), sugar, vinegar, and a banana peel.
  • Rinse the bottle thoroughly and pour half a glass of sugar into it.
  • Add vinegar using a funnel and insert a whole banana peel.
  • Shake the bottle and place it in the desired location, whether in the garden or on the balcony.
  • Optionally, hang the trap, as the scent of the mixture inside attracts insects effectively.

4. Tea Tree Oil Jar Trap:

  • Materials needed: glass jar, red wine vinegar, eco-friendly dish soap, tea tree oil, a bag, and honey, sugar, or molasses.
  • Combine red wine vinegar, dish soap, and 5 drops of tea tree oil in the jar.
  • Cover the jar with a bag and pierce it in the center.
  • For added effectiveness, include a teaspoon of honey, sugar, or molasses.

These DIY traps provide eco-friendly alternatives to store-bought products, offering effective solutions to keep mosquitoes and flies at bay.