Never Put Back These Foods Back in The Freezer

Freezing food is a method used by almost everyone to preserve their meals for further consumption, even tho it comes in handy but it reduces the quality of the food, also allowing food to be thawed out and freezing back is considered to as a bad habit.

6 meals you should never freeze:

1. Ice Cream

This may come as a surprise to lots of you, but refreezing icecream is a bad idea because it is a dairy product that can be unsuitable to ingest once thawed, and when refreezing icecream both flavor and texture are going to change which indicates it’s no longer fit for consumption.

2. Fruit Juice

Avoid refreezing fruit juices because it causes quality loss of the juice

3. Smoothies

Almost every smoothie comes with milk, it is not recommended to freeze a smoothie because it will end up soured. It is better to consume a smoothie once served or made

4. Raw Meats

Always avoid refreezing raw meat because it leads to a change in color and a bad smell comes out of it which indicates it’s not fit for consumption, this property is applied to seafood and poultry.

5. cooked Meats

Refreezing cooked meats is as bad as refreezing raw meet, proteins can fade out easily after thawing them again.

6. Salad Greens

Avoid freezing salads because some of it’s components may lose crispness and others like lettuce can lose flavor and become soft and limp.