Discover the Ultimate Bleach Alternative for Brightening Power

The natural bleach alternative you’ve shared is a great option for those who want to avoid using chlorine bleach for various reasons. Here’s how to make and use it:


  • 2-4 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 drop of lemon essential oil (optional)



  1. Add the hydrogen peroxide and the optional drop of lemon essential oil to your washing machine’s bleach dispenser. If your washing machine doesn’t have a bleach dispenser, you can dilute the mixture in 3 cups of water and add it to the wash drum.
  2. Run your laundry as you normally would, including the bleach substitute in the wash cycle.

Is This Bleach Alternative Safe for Colors? Yes, you can use this bleach alternative to brighten colored clothing as well as whiten whites. However, avoid pouring undiluted hydrogen peroxide directly onto colored clothes, as it could result in permanent bleaching. Instead, dilute it in water as described above before adding it to the wash.

This before and after shows how effective this DIY Natural Alternative To Bleach is.

Does This Bleach Alternative Really Work? Yes, this natural bleach alternative can be quite effective at brightening whites and helping to dissolve residues on colored clothing. It’s a safer and eco-friendly alternative to chlorine bleach.