Tricks to keep silverfish away from home and never return

Silverfish are among the most common insects in our homes They are called ” Lepisma saccharina “, they prefer darker and warmer environments such as the bathroom but can also reach the kitchen or wardrobes.

Although they are completely harmless, and even useful for eliminating bacteria and other microorganisms, their presence can be unwanted especially if we are afraid of insects.

To prevent the appearance of silverfish, the best thing to do is to avoid water infiltration, cover cracks in the walls well and clean frequently. Below we list some natural remedies to eliminate silverfish from our homes .

Boric acid

This product is the best weapon against silverfish and other insects. You can buy it at the pharmacy or supermarket, and it is very simple to use.

Simply spread the boric acid on the floor, in the corners of the bathroom most frequented by these insects. Wear gloves and a mask when using boric acid, and avoid letting children or pets near it.


An effective natural repellent against these annoying insects, lavender is also very useful for giving a delicious scent to the bathroom.

Pour a few drops of essential oil in various corners of the bathroom or closet. Alternatively, you can also use lemon or orange essential oils.

Jar trap

In addition to repelling silverfish directly, another option is to set a trap that can eliminate the problem forever in just one night. One of the most popular is the jar trap.

Wrap the outside of a jar with tape and place some oat flakes inside. The silverfish will be attracted to the starch in the oats, they will enter the jar thanks to the tape and get trapped inside, sliding on the glass.


It is one of the best silverfish repellents. Cinnamon is cheap and also has a wonderful aroma.

Place a glass full of ground cinnamon in the bathroom, or sprinkle it in the corners most frequented by these unwanted insects.